30 Dec
UPDATE: February, 2012: It looks like Scroogle may have gone the way of the "Dodo" bird. Check out DuckDuckGo as an alternative.

So, I start to notice some hits on some of my sites coming from "
Scroogle" ... and I am wondering, OK what has Google built now??

Turns out Scroogle (which is not associated with Google) is an "ad-free
Google search proxy which prevents the searcher's data being stored by Google."

"Google cannot set a cookie, doesn't see your IP address, cannot tell which searches are from the same person."

It is a website, a (possibly outdated) Firefox plugin, and a bunch of tools for webmasters.

Hmm ... another search engine of a search engine or search engine aggregator ... interesting.

The question is:
  • What does Scroogle do with your search query data, if anything? (Even though their site says access logs are deleted within 48 hours)
  • Is it an abbreviation for "Screw Google"? Smile
  • If you use Tor to access Scroogle ... will anyone find you? Cool Nerd
Wonders never cease online ... lol

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